The ICS is a movie club for lovers of fantasy, science fiction, mystery and horror films. We are open to anyone who wants to have a good time socializing with other people who have the same interest in movies that you do!

The Imaginative Cinema Society meets the last Saturday night of each month at 5:30pm. Our meetings are now held at the Kenwood Presbyterian Church located at 4601 Fullerton Avenue, Baltimore, MD. (NOTE: We are in independent group & not church affiliated. Please SEE THIS LINK FOR DIRECTIONS.

On Saturday, December 29th

"Margaret Freeman

using traditional Christmas colors

will be presenting on

Red & Green


There will be 4 horror films with either the word "Red" or "Green" in the title. Come take your pick of zombies, cannibals, freaks of nature, or sociopaths.  The movies will all be fairly recent releases (within the last 5 years).


We look forward to seeing everyone at the meeting!

As always, donations to the club help fund our activities. If you order anything from the Amazon link on this page, a portion of the proceeds go toward ICS.



At our November meeting:

Dave Henderson

presented on

writer Ambrose Bierce and then followed that up with one man's tragic dilemma in a certain death situation in the Civil War story:  "One of the Missing" usual, a great time was had by ALL!


For our December meeting we'd like attendees to bring in an appetizer or dessert for our Holiday Party.  Also for anyone that would like to participate, we'll have a DVD gift swap; bring in a DVD or DVD collection priced at $15.99 or less.  Please gift wrap the DVD(s) you bring in for the gift swap.  Maybe members will be getting something new that they can use for a presentation to the club next year.

Nina will be collecting dues ($30 per person) at the December meeting. 

But wait, there's MORE!

Nina will be collecting for the Anniversary dinner on Feb 10 - it is $20 each for members.

We'll see you there!



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